Are you seeking Restaurant, Hospitality or Concept Restaurant Executives, Management or Professionals?

Berkeley Search Associates is a boutique executive search and corporate recruiting firm specializing in the identification and recruitment of executives nationally. We are proud of our extensive years of Human Resources background, credentials and experience that allow us to identify and recruit on your behalf the very best available candidates to fill your needs.

Our candidates will match your company culture and share your company’s vision and future aspirations.

We have successfully completed assignments in the following areas:

• Corporate Restaurant Organizations
• Franchise Restaurant Organizations
• Concept Restaurant Groups
• Hospitality Organizations

Our own experience as Human Resources managers and professionals gives us an in-depth view into business processes and models, enabling us to quickly convert a briefing into an accurate search specification. That also applies to newly created roles in your company. As a result, you interview only candidates who are really suitable for the position you are seeking.

Incidentally, our approach to fee payments is also entrepreneurial – our fee model is result-oriented and we measure our performance by our success! Becoming one of our clients means that your company gains access to a constantly growing pool of candidates built up over time, with which we maintain close contact. As a client, you not only receive the best candidates – our search process is also significantly shorter than with most other recruitment sources.